Body Weight Exercises versus Weight lifting

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Which is better bodyweight or actual weight training?   Well what’s your goal?  What risks are you willing to take?  Depending on how you define success will determine which one is “better” or perhaps it is a combination of the … Continued

Happy girls are the prettiest

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I dedicate this post to my wife. My wife would often ask why I married her or what attracts me to her most.  My answer, well one of my answers, and the honest truth, my wife just spreads happiness.  Not … Continued

Grow your own

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Do you like to cook? I do, and you know what makes cooking just that much more fun is when I use home grown herbs in my food.  My new favorite herb to throw in my food is basil.  Love … Continued

Relax Take A Break

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Have you taken a break from food? I recently took an extended break, well an extended break for myself at least.  I did a 36 hour fast.  I have done several 20-23 hour fasts in the past.  This was my … Continued